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The Mischievious Wind

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The Mischievous Wind. (working document-start) July 2013

Proposal for improvisation with the Mediterranean/North African winds

This will use data from the prevailing winds that give positive irons into the atmosphere. These winds create negative reactions in the people who live within their paths, some are said to be ‘evil’.

The Location:

The position of the start and end of these will be used to locate points from which to improvise, either with myself (mixing the ‘sound’ later) or with musicians, through satellite connection (using the pauses due to data transfer as a part of the work)

The Improvisation:

The basis of the improvisation will be framed in a mode/scale (define) could be triad, pentatonic, diatonic et cetera.

The structure/framework of the mode is both base on the scientific data of the individual wind; speed, force etcetera and uses the longitude and latitude of several points of the location and using the technical data of the wind

The Shaman:

The repetitious sound, using rhythms, moment

A shared experience, profound, that links the human condition with a force of nature.

Working with filmmaker/artist Emma Osbourn and Portuguese dance/performance artist Beatrix Cantinho