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Album release Sept 2015

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Available as a digital download on Bandcamp, ‘Itinerant Mind’ by Morrad+McArthur gathers together 12 compositions representing a year exploring of the potential of remote networked collaboration and telematic performance.

Annie Morrad (Alto and tenor sax, field recordings) and Ian McArthur (Electronics, guitars, field recordings) collaborate to produce interwoven sonic structures that seek to regenerate intervallic forms and define architectural spaces in sound. Their compositions are developed and refined through online conversations between Sydney and London, the artists speaking through this dialectic and their personal approach and style of expression to produce each piece. They utilise urbania - in mood, in content, and in flow and understanding.

Morrad (London) and McArthur (Sydney) began working together in 2014 exploring their interest in sound art, rhythm in the urban environment, improvisation, jazz, crowds and the city. To date Morrad+McArthur have produced a body of experimental audio-visual work that has been exhibited and performed at the GNARL Fest, the East Midlands International Festival of Live and Video Art in 2014 and more recently in September 2015 at Carbon Meets Silicon in Wales.

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