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Projectspaceplus 6th – 10th January

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Projectspaceplus   6th – 10th January


Title: metaphoric senses


'Negotiate the unexpected' Wayne Shorter   Jazz on 3, 30-12-13


This is a continuation of the experimentation started in December 2013, based around the ‘mischievous wind’, an artwork carried out by three artist: Annie Morrad –sound, sound and image installation artist- Emma Osbourn -film-maker and artist- Beatriz Cantinho -choreographer and movement artist -.


We found starting points for collaboration though a process of improvisation. In this sense our collaborative practice is as much about collisions and differences as it is about agreement or compromise. 


By using improvisation in this way, we created 'moments', or perhaps we can call them ‘intensities’, that were constantly changing and never repeated’.


The ‘famed’ Mistral is used here as a metaphor for those unseen forces that have an effect on our lives; for example, laws, governments, history, culture and structures in society.


This process forms a significant part of annie morrad's PhD and practice.


Gallery Week 2:

Working with the gallery; a response to the 'space'


Day 1


Setting up using tonic triads and triads and triangles.

Working with the two acoustic spaces. Two separate triangles

The another triangle from one space to the other, and then coming from the opposing space.

In each triangle are placed three microphones, one at each corner. All at the same recording level.

Walking around each triangle three times playing a three note triad, often starting on the tonic, using D minor.

Mixing three of theses.


Day 2


Using the mix from day 1 and choosing one triangle, improvising using D minor tonic triad and the sub-dominate. This is recorded 9 times.


Day 3

Very tired and used the time to reflect on Day2


Day 4

Improvised and refined the previous days work. Starting and ending with a Bflat but going back to the tonic throughout.



Day 5

Working on the original material from France with the film-maker and artist Emma Osbourn. Worked with Emma with the video from France and played with the sound recorded from there.


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