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University of Lincoln Gallery Space week 1 dec 2012

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Gallery December 2013


Day 1.

Playing alto saxophone in the gallery space.

Just spending time.

Setting up the equipment, with the help of Rob, Richard and Steve.

Together they found cables, help moved equipment, set up a projector. At first nothing seemed to work...but this enabled me to listen to the space and the space to witness me.

I recorded the sound and played within the space, to hear the reverb and the echoing sound. To understand the space through audio, through listening. I also filmed the space.

Then I played with the sound from France, echoing and playing against various parts.



Day 2

More setting up issues-cables, But because my computer speakers are weak, it makes me listen.


Have been playing the sax with Beatriz's moment sound on headphones


My Sound here, not there yet, not feeling Beatrix's movement yet...tooo much in my head. (check the hand written)


Am responding to the sound element from the original location in France, as if one creature to calling to another...

Too melodic in this space. Its like I'm calling to the past...


Interesting acoustics ...hard space to work with    good train sound.


Now working with Emma's films and images...some good sounds starting to happen.


Richard is trying to set up the projectors...students have arrived, had to explain the issues with cables and equipment, asked if they can come another time with images...


Am taking cables, plus sound box, plus plus tomorrow...

The light automatically came on...must phone estates



Day 3

Cables worked as did the projectors...odd file system on the projectors and the head phones...hard to read it

Very good listening and playing with the previous French located sound, a feeling of being 'at one'. Because of the base and that I do not have one...i herd the wind and improvised with this.

One playing with the space, two with the 'other' sound and three call and response. A day of listening. Am too melodic.

The man came to fix the lighting, took all day.


Kam our Student came with water sounds, she went out with my Hydro mic to do more... and Adam with images. Interesting working with both.



Day 4


Very tiring today. Listening to last nights two recoding's and played along. Strange sound...its the motor of a boiler. Had low levels effecting things...found the speaker culprit. Based played wind sounds all day...

Visuals worked, no film yet. Beatriz's piece need work on.




Only used the sound today...was still very tied. Allot of people just came in for a chat. Spent a long time listening and playing to the layers of sound...the space lends itself to a very different method of working, playing with the playing. The sub woofer...interesting.